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Testimonials: Analytic-Network Advanced Coach Training

28 May 2016

Testimonials: Analytic-Network Advanced Coach Training

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In March 2016 IGRO were very pleased to collaborate with Dr Simon Western to offer the first Analytic-Network Advanced Coach Training Course in Ireland.

Below is a series of testimonials from the event:

“I wish to thank IGRO for their collaboration and support in delivering an excellent event in Dublin.   Your help in recruiting and organising the event was invaluable and delivered a great success.  Many thanks again and I look forward to future collaboration.”

Dr Simon Western CEO Analytic-Network Coaching

“The Analytic-Network Coaching course has helped to broaden the landscape of how leaders can more effectively support and encourage individuals and work teams. Individuals, like life are complex and are more than the sum of their work roles and as such, coaching must explore and support the ‘whole person’ and not just the part they manage to bring to work each day.”

Gabriel O’Connell

“I really benefitted from the Analytic-Network coaching course, it has helped me to be much more strategic and holistic in coaching my clients. It was great to have the inputs and insights from Simon but the learning was further extended through observation and practice of the different frames with colleagues. It’s a course with a lot of richness of content and process.”

Grainne Burke

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day Analytic-Network coaching event given by Dr Simon Western.  The approach provides a useful framework which I believe will enhance my own coaching practice.  The material was thought provoking and the opportunity to work with other participants as part of the coaching practice was a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and experiences.”

Niamh O’Donoghue

“This is a course for people who want to create more depth and meaning to their coaching practice. If you are up for (re)igniting self-exploration as a primary means of becoming a more potent and effective coach, there is no better option out there. Simon is a master at helping people to shed light on areas that may have been dark as well as having a light-touch but thought-provoking way of helping you learn. The concepts were not revolutionary for me but the process of learning was quite transformational. Thank you.”

Jacqueline Cohen

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