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A welcome from IGRO

I’d like to warmly welcome you to the website of the Irish Group Relations Organisation (IGRO).
IGRO is a not for profit organisation comprised of a group of professional volunteers. We practice and are committed to furthering Group Relations and we’re also very proud to be flying the Group Relations flag for Ireland.

As members of IGRO, we believe in the power and potency of Group Relations as a way of thinking about and understanding how groups function, interact and behave, both consciously and unconsciously. We recognise that Group Relations provides us with an alternative, imaginative and courageous lens for understanding our experiences as members of various groups, be they families, committees, organisations, institutions or communities. Rather uniquely, it facilitates a psychoanalytic and systemic exploration of groups, which often results in a depth of learning and insight that cannot always be accessed by more ‘conventional’ ways of working and thinking.

IGRO also has a strong mission to raise awareness of Group Relations in Ireland as a conceptual framework and as a methodology for understanding and learning about group dynamics. In the Tavistock tradition, we pay particular attention to role, task, boundaries, authority, power and leadership. Our Vision Statement captures both our intent and our ambition to embed Group Relations in Ireland over the coming years. Our re-designed website is part of our effort to make Group Relations visible, primarily in Ireland, but also abroad. We will try to make this website as inviting, engaging and as up to date as possible.

Many thanks for visiting our site and for your interest in our work. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are curious, or require further information.

Bernie Mc Donnell
IGRO Chair

The Vision of IGRO

  • To promote the field of group relations in Ireland;
  • To identify, train and support a constituency of group relations thinkers and practitioners in Ireland;
  • To mobilise the expertise and capacity of members in offering an alternative analysis to the contemporary problems, challenges and dilemmas facing groups and organisations in Ireland and internationally.

IGRO will realise this vision by:

  • Becoming the recognised lead body representing Group Relations in Ireland;
  • This will be achieved developmentally by building on the efforts of members to transform IGRO into a professional and sustainable organisation;
  • IGRO members will develop their capacity to devise and deliver a range of quality group relations events and services in a competent, expert and sustainable way.

History of IGRO

Gerry French founded Irish Group Relations (IGRO ) in the year 2000. It arose out of a request from the Irish Management Institute, Dublin, to offer an understanding of teamwork for trainees executives.
A Group Relations Conference was offered in response.
Since then IGRO has hosted five International Conferences as well as Study Days and Social Dreaming events.
These events have been attended by persons from the corporate profit and non profit sectors as well as from a wide range of community based services.
Currently IGRO is working closely with the Group Analytic Practice and has partnered with them in offering group dynamic trainings.

IGRO Limited was established in 2003 as a limited company (not trading for the acquisition of gains) to promote and encourage the study of Group Relations in Ireland.