Welcome to the Irish Group Relations Organisation


Helpful Links

Irish Group Relations Organisation: www.igro.ie

The Tavistock Institute of London: www.tavinstitute.org

Group relations: www.grouprelations.com


Some other useful links

A K Rice Institute www.akriceinstitute.org

ASCCANZ – Association for Supervision, Coaching & Consultancy of Australia and New Zealand www.asccanz.org

Bayswater Institute www.bayswaterinst.org

Centre for Socio-Analysis  www.acsa.net.au

CESMA – Centro Esperienze e Studi di Management www.cesma.org

Group Relations Australia www.grouprelations.org.au

Group Relations International  www.grouprelations.org

Group Relations Nederland  www.grouprelations.nl

The Grubb Institute  www.grubb.org.uk

Innovaccion, Peru  www.innovaccion-grupo.com

International Forum for Social Innovation (IFSI)  www.ifsi-fiis-conferences.com

ISPSO – International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations www.ispso.org

NIODA – National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia www.nioda.org.au

OFEK – The Israel Association for The Study of Group and Organizational Processes www.ofek-groups.org

OPUS – Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society  www.opus.org.uk

PSAA – Psychoanalytic Studies Association of Australasia  www.psaa.org.au

Washington-Baltimore Centre  www.wbcgrouprelations.org